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Thank you for your interest in organizing a Clinic, Lecture, or Lessons. 

As a Level IV Apprentice Clinician, Elaine is certified to teach Centered Riding Clinics and she also gives Centered Riding related lectures and lessons. 

Elaine is also listed on the Cowboy Dressage World website as teaching clinics and lessons, as a trainer and resource. As of April 2016 she has earned her Recommended Cowboy Dressage Judge status. Elaine has years of experience as an expo and symposium presenter and she also gives interactive lectures for breed organizations and clubs.

The following links offer specific information about budgeting for each type of educational program Elaine offers:Oxenways


Or for more information on the organizing process,

Just keep moving to keep up...Herd Jogging the Clinic Link Trail


Please feel free to contact Elaine if you have any additional questions.




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Elaine Meredith Steele
208 660 5204
Trinergy Riding Instruction, LLC P.O. Box 3099 Richland Washington 99352