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Centered Riding Egoscue University Cowboy Dressage Experience

Your horse is your best teacher.  

You can consider Elaine to be your facilitator, mirror and translator. 

As you experiment with integrating mind, body and spirit - Trinergy - in your riding, a new sense of inner balance, serenity and control will allow you to experience greater freedom, suppleness and coordination. 

And it is then that your horse will mirror increased poise, throughness and athleticism back to you.


As an instructor, Elaine's goals are to help you...Lesson

  • with new ways of approaching horseback riding which allow and encourage your horse to freely follow through,

  • through learning situations (mounted and un-mounted exercises) that will integrate this new approach into your riding, and...

  • to clearly recognize when your horse rewards you with increased performance.


Lesson...Awakening your mind, remodeling your body, and training your horse.

As a complete transformative program, Elaine will use her educational studies with Centered Riding, Egoscue University and Cowboy Dressage, plus over two decades of teaching experience and client satisfaction to smooth the process.


Elaine's ultimate goal is to assist you in helping yourself so that you can fully enjoy your horse! (And your horse enjoy you!!)


It all begins by being Aware, so

Mind the gap ... Dusting the Link to Elaine's Bio 



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