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Centered Riding Egoscue University Cowboy Dressage Experience


Lately there has been a wonderful shift within the Mind of the equine world that brings new focus to horse training techniques that go along with the horse’s natural way of being...


...and then we sit on these well trained horses, dragging along all our daily postural body habits and tensions, and wonder why we aren’t getting the responses we expected.



Centered Riding® is a body awareness technique that can help riders; Hands On

First, to understand how human and equine bones relate to each other while in motion, to allow their own bodies to go along with the horse’s rhythm; 

Then, to direct the horse's movement - all of which increases effective communication and encourages the horse to discover better softer uses of himself; 

And finally; adding clear intent, which leads to power, energy and partnership that cannot be gained through effort or muscle alone. 


Centered Riding® Techniques are powerful tools that Elaine offers to her students. Certified Centered Riding® Instructors and Clinicians throughout the world are trained under the guidelines of Centered Riding®, Inc. to carry on the work of it's founder, Sally Swift. Elaine is certified as a Centered Riding® Level III Clinician and is currently working as an Apprentice to become a Level IV. Upon successful completion, Elaine will be qualified to educate new and updating instructors.Sally Swift

Here is a quote from Sally Swift:

"It never ceases to amaze me how far-reaching the concept of body use that we teach in CR proves to be. When we help a person through our teaching to balance, free the body and undo those tight spots that interfere with coordination and movement, we allow space for the old stretch, breathe, and heal in so far as they can. Nature likes to be correct."


The secret is in how we Align.

It's all in the Body language...

Nose to tail for the answer



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