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An owner's manual for the Body actually exists. 

It is a book named "Pain Free", written by Pete Egoscue. Chapter by chapter, the book helps readers to understand human structural biomechanics and how to change areas of the body that are currently troublesome. An overall maintenance plan is included at the end for daily practice once everything is running smoothly again. 



The Egoscue Method

Pete Egoscue has been an anatomical physiologist since 1978. He created the Egoscue Method for "safe, effective, and permanent relief from chronic pain without prescription painkillers or invasive surgery." You can learn more at Egoscue Inc.

Another book by Pete Egoscue is "The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion". Elaine found this book equally fascinating as its groupings of body types aligned with Elaine's observations of hundreds of riders. It also explained more about the connections between the thinking body and the physical body. Because Pete's books offered a method to correct habitual body compensations, Elaine began using them herself and found over time that her ability to control her own body movements while riding became greatly improved. 

Ah-h-h, these are additional tools that could enhance her students' riding!

So, Elaine began studying with Egoscue University to become a Postural Alignment Specialist. She has completed the first phase of that certification and is currently working to complete the second half. Because personalized care can be passed to the student in person, on Skype, and via email, Elaine is pleased to be able to provide services to students all over the world. While still in the practicum stages of her studies, Elaine is offering Posture Remodels at deeply discounted rates as she builds experience.


Now to Apply ourselves...

And get in the Spirit of it!

Nose to tail for the answer



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