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Human body structure is based on a basic blueprint.

The resulting model is incredibly efficient and mobile. What makes it function reliably over time is proper bone and joint alignment. When all the joints connect according to design the resulting movement is balanced, smooth and non-wearing.

Nikki and JitseBody alignment is our greatest aid in horsemanship.

Horses "read" our intentions as expressed through our body language, whether they see it or feel it. Our aids are clearer when our bodies operate at a functional level as close to the original blueprint as we are individually capable.

While every person is their own beautiful version of the human structural blueprint, sometimes our unique variations cause unintentional communication to our horses. Perhaps the aids we give are unclear or ineffective, the feedback we receive is filtered by tension patterns, we are reactive and snatchy because our core is unbalanced, it seems like every horse we ride has the same bad habits, as upper level riders we have hit a plateau, and all the training in the world that someone else gives our horses doesn't make a difference... This can feel really confusing to both horse and rider.

But there is hope!

You can remodel your posture toward original design.

Posture variations from the human blueprint arise from a variety of reasons; conformation, compensation, injury, etc. Through Egoscue University Elaine has learned to analyze postural alignment and pin-point misalignments. Combined with client feedback, Elaine creates a menu of daily exercises customized to begin returning the body back toward the original model of human structure. As the body changes, a series of new analysis and menus continues the process. Maintaining our bodies is always a work in progress.

There is only one stipulation. 

You must do the work. If not for yourself, then for your horse.

Using the principles of the Egoscue Method, Elaine will help you to:

  • Mitigate Pain

  • Reduce Rotation

  • Straighten

  • and finally, Strengthen

Elaine uses information provided from you on your current status in regards to pain and movement. She combines that information with analyzing four photographs taken from the four directional views of you to fully assess your postural alignment. Elaine uses your postural assessment to create a menu of customized exercises that address the underlying causes of any misalignments. Your practice of the exercises on a daily basis can begin real change. The process needs to be continually repeated, with new evaluations and new menus, as your body progresses closer and closer to the human design model. 


Make use of that detangler,

And, on to the manestay of riding improvement...

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