Posture Remodel Rates

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Gift yourself and your horse with postural alignment!

Because personalized care can be passed to the student in person, on Skype, and via email, Elaine is pleased to be able to provide Posture Remodel Services to students all over the world. Elaine will be basing your care on her studies with Egoscue University. You can use any of the books by Pete Egoscue as resources to support the work you are doing with Elaine. Several service options are available.

In-Person Appointment

In-Person is the ultimate in custom-tailored service. Elaine will gather your concerns, take photos, use the photos to analyze your posture, discuss the analysis with you, customize a menu of exercises to address your current postural state, coach you through the exercises while keeping an eye on your form, re-evaluate and adjust the menu according to your real-time results, and confirm that you feel confident with carrying out each exercise on your own. You will receive your menu by email which will guide your daily practice until the next appointment.

Depending on the time and travel involved, a minimum of two In-Person Appointments and maximum of six in a day in one area is usually preferred. Finding a "Remodel Buddy" can help a lot, both in moral support and in appointment possibilities. Elaine has family in Harrison, Idaho and lives in Tri-Cities, Washington and can sometimes be more readily available in those areas. It may also be possible to work an In-Person Appointment in during a clinic trip, so keep an eye on Elaine's Schedule in case one comes up near you.

Skype Appointment

Appointments by Skype can be extremely convenient. In preparation for your appointment, you will need to answer a questionnaire, have four specific photos taken, and email it all to Elaine the day prior to your appointment. During your appointment Elaine will use your questionnaire responses and photos to analyze your posture and discuss the analysis with you. She will customize a menu of exercises accordingly and coach you through the exercises while keeping an eye on your form. She will adjust the menu according to the exercise results and confirm that you feel confident doing each exercise. You will receive your menu by email so that you can exercise daily on your own until the next appointment.

Email Analysis and Menu

Please be aware that while this may be an affordable option, it does not include the coaching aspects of the In-Person and Skype Appointments. In preparation, you will need to answer a questionnaire, have four photos taken, and email it all to Elaine. Because of Elaine's travel schedule it may take her up to a week to analyze your information and for you to receive an email reply including your exercise menu. Be prepared to carefully consult each exercise description in your menu and keep an eye on yourself to be sure you are maintaining proper form throughout. 


Single Service and Packages

You may want to just try it out. In that case the Single Service option is for you. However maintaining your posture is an ongoing process, so, Elaine offers several price packages to make the commitment to yourself and your horse more affordable. 

Elaine has completed the first phase of her Postural Alignment Specialist certification studying with Egoscue University. She is currently in the practicum stages of working to complete the second half of her studies. Elaine is offering Posture Remodels at deeply discounted rates as she builds experience and clientele. Please see the Egoscue, Inc. website for comparison to standard rates.

Service Type

Single Service

Package of 6
Individual Use Only

Share Package of 12
Individual, Family or Friends

In-Person Appointment

$125.00 plus expenses

$93.00 x 6 = $558.00 plus expenses

$76.00 x 12 = $912.00 plus expenses

Skype Appointment


$93.00 x 6 = $558.00

$76.00 x 12 = $912.00

Email Menu


$37.00 x 6 = $222.00

$25.00 x 12 = $300.00

Notes on photographs: All photos are confidential. Please wear shorts and a tank top for the photos as it allows Elaine to more easily see your shoulder and knee joint positions. Have the picture taken from your hip height as it will reduce weird perspective anomalies. No posing! Walk in place a little and then have a friend snap the pics. Front. Back. Right. Left. 

Please use Elaine's contact information above to get started.


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