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Cowboy Dressage Challenge Court

Dressage = Progressive Training...
And it's particularly fun in the Cowboy Dressage way!

Elaine travels to teach clinics and lead gatherings. Being a dedicated Cowboy Dressage enthusiast, she is excited to share all the benefits the sport offers to both horses and riders. For more on why Elaine loves Cowboy Dressage just click here

In 2015, Elaine was listed as Clinician, Lessons, Training, and Resource by Cowboy Dressage World. As of April 2016 she earned her status as a Recommended Cowboy Dressage Judge. As a member of the Cowboy Dressage World Professional Association, Elaine qualified in October 2016 as a Cowboy Dressage Clinician Level 1.

Cowboy Dressage

Depending upon the previous experience of the participants and length of clinic, Elaine teaches these highlights:


  • Introduce the set up and geometry of the unique Cowboy Dressage Court.

  • Explain and demonstrate the maneuvers and how they benefit the horses' training

  • Explore the Cowboy Dressage Challenge Court, the added fun it brings, and how it ups the ante

  • Use the judge's score sheets to maximize performance on and off the court

  • How seat, leg and rein aids achieve the training goal of each element

  • Bend! The importance of bend.

  • Show the flow from one maneuver to the next

  • Make a difference between the working and free gaits

  • Start and end each maneuver with polish

  • Concentrate on smooth transitions

  • Timing aids with the horse's movement

  • Keeping it together throughout the test

  • Answers to participant questions.

Challenge Court

If you are interested in attending an Elaine Meredith Steele Cowboy Dressage Clinic, she travels worldwide to teach, so look on her schedule for one near you. If you would rather have a clinic in your own locale or within your available time frame, contact Elaine to become an organizer in your area.

You may choose to paws and view,

Get 'er done,

Or simply follow around the bend...   

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Elaine Meredith Steele
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