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Elaine Meredith Steele is a "people trainer".Elaine

As a Centered Riding Clinician, a Cowboy Dressage Clinician, and previously the Senior Riding Instructor for thirteen years at a prestigious guest ranch with over 400 student riders each year, Elaine has developed an eye for seeing unique body patterns with which people habitually ride and how these patterns typically effect all horses. During lectures, presentations, seminars and demonstration lessons, she invites the audience and riders to actively participate and experiment with ideas to help create a new awareness of how subtly the human body communicates with the horse. 

An Introduction to the Four  Basics of Centered Riding will give everyone an opportunity to recognize their own unique style and determine which habits are useful, ineffective or counter effective patterns. Through Centered Riding Techniques, Elaine will demonstrate how horse and rider can move together with increased efficiency and clearer communication. 

An Introduction to Cowboy Dressage will prepare the participants to bring their horse along through the classically oriented and yet fun-as-can-be maneuvers of the Cowboy Dressage Tests. Through the viewpoint of the Cowboy Dressage Judge, Elaine draws the crowd's attention to the absolute importance of Soft Feel, Harmony and Partnership in the Cowboy Dressage world.

Lectures and Presentations

Speaking engagements and un-mounted interactive groundwork sessions are great ways to get groups of people involved and motivated. An open area and seating will be needed. For more advanced work, blankets, carpets or pads are useful. Audio visual equipment may be required for certain presentations.

Expo Seminar/DemosTrampoline

Getting the audience off their feet for some interactive awareness exercises is a great wake-me-up during a long day. Elaine's seminar presentations are guaranteed to be fun and entertaining. 

Riding lesson demonstrations are limited to four riders. Event can charge for rider participation to help cover expenses. Riders must be vetted in advance by Elaine. Riders must sign Elaine's liability and model releases.

Lecture/Presentation Rate

$ 100.00 per hour plus expenses

Expo Seminar/Demo Rate
(includes riding lesson demos)

$ 100.00 per hour plus expenses plus covered booth complete with curtains and power throughout event

There are no attendance limits within suitable facilities with a microphone setup.

Limited travel dates are available this season. Please contact Elaine by email or call (208) 660 5204 for current availability, for the next year, and to discuss your needs.


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Elaine Meredith Steele
208 660 5204 elaine@trinergy.net
Trinergy Riding Instruction, LLC P.O. Box 3099 Richland Washington 99352