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Considerations for organizing a Clinic, Lecture, or Lesson event. 

While the list below may look daunting, I wanted you to have an idea of what to consider. Please recognize that the first time you organize a clinic will be the hardest because you are inventing your wheel. The next times become easier and easier as you already have your paperwork in order, you know who is willing to give a hand, and you are beginning to establish a clientele.

Elaine Teaching

Here are suggested steps for setting up an event with Elaine: 


  1. Call Elaine, ask about organizing an event and check into possible dates
  2. Inquire into arena/facility availability and costs
  3. Onsite considerations: adequate trailer parking, overnight facilities, horse water availability, warm up area, un-mounted ground work area, audiovisual equipment, ground work and arena seating, cones, poles, court availability, sound system (preferably wireless) and electrical connections
  4. Check around your local horse community for interest in a possible event
  5. Tentatively schedule the dates and the planned format, capacity and rates with Elaine so your date can be "penciled in" to Elaine's calendar
  6. Ask Elaine about the Multi-day Clinic Discount
  7. Budget for the arena, camping and haul in fees
  8. Budget for administrative supplies and any participant food you are including in the event
  9. Budget for Elaine's clinic fee, transportation, room, and board expenses
  10. Determine the fees you will charge to cover your total costs
  11. Set a registration deadline


  1. Confirm the dates with the arena/facility and make deposit
  2. Give facility's physical address to Elaine 
  3. Confirm the dates with Elaine
  4. Make your non-refundable deposit - send or funds-transfer transportation expense reimbursement or work with Elaine on arranging transportation - and then your event can be added to Elaine's schedule
  5. Ask for Elaine's proof of insurance
  6. Look for your contract from Elaine to be sure all the details you had in mind are covered


  1. Look at the website to provide background information about the upcoming event
  2. Have Elaine proof any advertisements you plan to post or distribute
  3. Advertise the clinic and/or lecture locally, statewide and/or nationally
  4. Start a buzz on social media and continue to nurture it


  1. Be sure you have received liability releases, model releases and any handout materials from Elaine
  2. Make and email out signup forms and releases to inquiries
  3. Schedule the riding participants and collect fees/deposits and liability releases
  4. At the registration deadline confirm event status, room, ground transportation plans and directions with Elaine
  5. Make a clinic schedule, including ride times
  6. Make a list of each lesson session time with the riding participants and horses names for Elaine to consult during lessons
  7. Make feedback forms for participant follow-up


  1. Create road signs and have a parking plan
  2. Set up a check-in desk
  3. Provide seating for all participants at un-mounted area and seating for auditors at arena
  4. Have people water and beverages and snacks on hand
  5. Have someone available to set up meals
  6. Be sure there is an electrical connection and a sound system set up - preferably wireless
  7. Make an area for optional video taping
  8. Schedule arena dust control to be complete before the event starts
  9. Make any weather related preparations necessary
  10. Provide ground transportation for Elaine and room check-in (non-smoking please!)
  11. Feed Elaine
  12. Provide transportation for Elaine to and from facility

Hands OnDuring:

  1. Have the clinic schedule and participant times posted
  2. Have participant handout copies, extra liability releases, extra model releases and feedback forms printed and available
  3. Collect any remaining participant fees and liability releases
  4. Ask if participants would like to be included in a mailing list to share with all participants and put one together
  5. Encourage everyone to be on time - early morning raffles are a handy incentive
  6. Introduce Elaine to the group
  7. Be available to help with questions during the event
  8. Encourage students to write articles about their experience
  9. Ask the participants for written feedback before they leave


  1. Provide Elaine with a mailing list of participants
  2. Pay Elaine
  3. Ask Elaine to e-mail a receipt if you need one
  4. Pay the facility
  5. Compare dates with Elaine for your next clinic
  6. Talk with Elaine about the Clinic Series Discount
  7. Provide ground transportation for Elaine to head home


  1. Contact participants and ask them to comment on social media about the event
  2. Help students to get articles about your clinic published - especially important if you are planning to have another!
  3. Share the clinic feedback with Elaine so that she/we can improve for next time


Be sure to check with Elaine on available dates as penciled in or private appointments may not be apparent on the Current Schedule.

Ok, keep focused and...

Trotting right along...Herd Jogging the Clinic Link Trail


Please feel free to contact Elaine if you have any additional questions.




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