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This is from the opening paragraph of Sally Swift's column in the Fall 2002 Centered Riding® Newsletter:

"The 2002 Centered Riding Symposium held here in Brattleboro last weekend was a great success. The twelve presenters did a fine job...Unfortunately I missed a number of presentations as my stamina is limited nowadays. But those I did hear were excellent. Elaine Steele did an outstanding job of showing with spectacular slides how deeply centered riding is instinctively used by working cowboys in the West. It is no wonder my first book has been so popular out there...400,000 copies."


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Centered Riding Comes to the Tri-Cities!

Thanks to the efforts of Shelly Richardson, about a dozen people had the wonderful opportunity on October 18th at the Richland Riders Club to ride with Elaine Meredith Steele, a Level III Centered Riding™ Instructor from Harrison, Idaho. For those of you who are familiar with Sally Swift's Centered Riding, (and the new revised edition just out, Centered Riding II) it will be no surprise that we spent most of the lessons doing body-work on ourselves, seeking (and finding!) the harmony in movement that we have always wanted to feel when riding. The focus was on relaxation, finding your center, bringing your body into proper alignment without force or strain, and learning to feel the movement of the horse with your whole body. Elaine noted from the very outset, "I am not your teacher; you are riding your teachers. I'm just here to interpret! And teach you the language of riding, so you will understand what your horse is trying to tell you when I'm not around."

Elaine is a wonderful instructor; very positive, extremely imaginative, and extraordinarily patient. Because of scheduling considerations, lessons ran from 2:00pm in the afternoon to nearly 10:00pm at night, and she managed somehow to keep both her sense of humor and her enthusiasm throughout the entire undertaking. The last hour of the very long day consisted of a group ride, with about half of the clinic participants (mainly those who had the later rides, and a few hardy souls who had not faded and gone home as it got dark and the lights came on over the arena.) In the group ride, Elaine talked the participants through some simple 'drill team' patterns, giving the riders the opportunity to apply some of the principles they had been introduced to in the lessons; balanced turns, matching and regulating the horse's rhythm and pace with the balance and position of your body, using 'soft eyes' to keep track of the other riders while directing your own horse through the pattern. The result was a lovely dance; harmonious and joyful. Many of the riders came away with the feeling that at last they were beginning to 'get it'; some of the horses looked decidedly smug. After all, they knew this all along!

Shelly has generously agreed to work on setting up additional clinics with Elaine, perhaps as frequently as once a month, if there is sufficient interest. You can contact her directly via email at, to get on the list for the next clinic.

by Judi Cuta  - Published in the Tri-Cities Dressage Club Newsletter, Richland WA


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