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Over the years, the fond memories remain...

Elaine and CocoaMy beloved CocoaElaine and Cocoa

Bart, from the working viewBart

Phil and White KnightLOL, the first time I saw Phil ride a horse I had to give him "the fast test" to allow him to go on the canter trail rides at Hidden Creek Ranch. White Knight was one of his favorite ranch horses.

Elaine and TontoI just loved riding Tonto at Hidden Creek Ranch

Phil and Cats Boss BarPhil had to be careful not to say "Go Boss" or this horse (Cat's Boss Bar) would take off so fast he'd leave his shoes behind in the dirt;-)

Phil and ChiefPhil and Chief in the Columbia River GorgePhil and Chief,

And in Haney Meadows in the Central Cascade Mountains...







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